Businessmen talking under the sound of shelling

March 2022, russkies are near Kyiv, the heart of Ukraine beats faster, and the whole nation stands united as an enduring strength.

Meanwhile, a group of enthusiastic businessmen are talking somewhere in Kyiv:

— Hey, let’s set up a logistics company! — the one with the beard said in a serious vein.

— Sure, we need to do something for Ukraine. We can help companies with evacuation, transport ammunition, medication, humanitarian supplies, or anything else! — the person with lively emotions and burning eyes latched onto the idea.

— In fact, we have extensive experience and people; we have been working with warehouses for 15 years, and it’s not the first time we’ve started a new line of business. We just need to find the best logistics experts, — the third, and apparently the most experienced in spontaneous cases person supported.

— Let’s do this! — a future director of a new logistics company summarized, not even realizing the fact of future directorship.

This seemingly irrational decision was actually quite reasonable summary of the experience of Eclectic Talents Group’s outsourcing business ecosystem and the country’s need for flexible logistics.

On June 17, 2022, we were approached by Artwinery PJSC, one of the largest sparkling wine producers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. On June 17, 2022, we were approached by Artwinery PJSC, one of the largest sparkling wine producers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Grounding: growing wings

It seems like only yesterday we were discussing strategy, brand, market share, logo, and planning our activities.

We were eager to launch fast, but we also realized that we shouldn’t rush into the process of selecting a team, developing a business plan, and finding partners. It took several months to select experienced professionals and amazing people to join the company: logistics experts, managers, brokers, lawyers, accountants.

Our brand got a beautiful and emblematic name SYNEX, which means synergy + nexus (Latin, synergy + ties).

We embraced the idea of the slogan “Always around” and applied the fundamental principles of the company’s operation: flexibility, dynamism, and up-to-dateness on the one hand; responsibility, prudence, and wisdom on the other hand.


Let’s get started! First client

What is the start of a new company? Perhaps someone will say that it should be the incorporation. However, we felt the strength of the team when our first client approached SYNEX Logistics. Oh, how great the client was!

On June 17, 2022, we were approached by Artwinery PJSC, one of the largest sparkling wine producers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

The task was to evacuate goods from Bakhmut to Dnipro.

The city of Bakhmut was under shelling. We had to act quickly. Therefore, the next day, on June 18, the goods were “packed” and relocated to its new location on June 20.

Thus, we marked the birth of SYNEX Logistics on June 17 with this challenging wartime logistics task.

SYNEX Logistics has been operating for 1 year

One year is not a long time for a company. However, when it is a new business operating in a country at war, the risks of failure are very high. It was a year of struggle and victory in every sense. It wasn’t easy, but we survived. SYNEX Logistics team worked very hard, and as a result, the company has got a great impetus for confident development and growth.

We have successfully launched the following products:

  • Transport logistics (international and domestic road transportation)

  • Multimodal logistics (sea, air, rail container transportation)

  • Oversized cargo transportation

  • Customs brokerage services


Thank you for joining us

A lot of work has been done this year! A lot of new, huge and important projects have been implemented!

Today, SYNEX Logistics addresses various logistics issues for its clients around the world. The company has formed a strong Multimodal Transportation Department, and this area of activity has become one of the most important today.

SYNEX Logistics deals with various industries: manufacturing, NGOs, agriculture, retail, etc.

Our clients are our partners, and their projects are our core value. SYNEX Logistics is very proud of the opportunity to develop efficient logistics for companies.

The balance of sustainable financial growth, the opportunity to help Ukraine with our activities, and opened new horizons inspire us and make our plans for the next year quite ambitious. Well, we won’t accept anything less 😉

Always around. Stronger together

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