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Such processes as changing the production location, expanding the factory, opening a branch abroad and other challenging issues often require non-standard solutions to logistics tasks.

Transportation of oversized and dangerous cargos, as well as preparation of relevant documents for such projects requires practical experience.
SYNEX LOGISTICS team includes logistics professionals with more than 20 years of valuable experience and hundreds of successful projects for customers from various spheres.

In addition to the outsourcing of a separate process, we offer the solutions for “turnkey” projects: from customs clearance and multimodal transportation to loading, unloading and storage of cargos.

We are often contacted by companies participating in international exhibitions. This is a specific niche requiring special knowledge and joint efforts of various specialists, so it is more cost-efficient to contact a logistics company and remove unnecessary burden from the business.

SYNEX LOGISTICS covers all possible tasks in exhibition logistics:
  • Registration of participation in international events.
  • Rental of stands.
  • Representation of interests in the customs authorities of the country where the event is held.
  • Documentary support for smooth customs clearance of goods in the country of the event.
  • Choosing the optimal customs regime.
  • Payment of duties.
  • Delivery of goods to the stand.
  • Storage of empty containers, etc.

During the entire period of our cooperation, SYNEX Logistics has become our reliable and sustainable business partner in organizing cargo transportations in a high-quality and timely manner.

SYNEX LOGISTICS remains one of the client’s most trusted partners, which reflects their professionalism and top-notch support. The team is able to execute complex tasks, thanks to their extensive industry experience and dedication to excellence.

ATSF LLC (SYNEX Logistics) has been out logistics partner since 2022. During our cooperation, ATSF LLC verified its highly professional status, expertise and ability to actively solve the necessary tasks.

We work with SYNEX Logistics on an ongoing basis for FTL shipping of our products: formulas for removing oil, grease and other contaminants from the surface of metals, as well as varnishes, adhesives, insulating chemicals, etc.

What makes you better than other logistics companies?

People and warehouse operations are at the core of 3PL. And we understand this like no one else. SYNEX LOGISTICS is a part of Eclectic Talent Group, a leading outsourcing provider both on the Ukrainian and global markets.

That is why we have been working on warehouse processes and managing warehouse staff since 2009 year.

What guarantees do you provide?

We have a risk management process for each customer. Certain guarantees, including the insurance can also be provided on an individual basis. At the moment, all SYNEX LOGISTICS customers are covered by Freight forwarder’s liability insurance in the amount of UAH 4,000,000 per each insured event.

What kind of cargo can you transport?

We have experience in transporting various types of cargo by road transport: oversized, valuable, excisable and ADR cargo, food products, pharmaceutical and medical products.

Why SYNEX LOGISTICS is a 3PL provider?

Because by contacting us, the customer forgets about any logistics issues: transportation of cargo, their storage and packaging, obtaining necessary permits and paperwork.

The complex of such services is called Third-party logistics (3PL).

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