Oksana Antipa gave an interview for Breakbulk magazine - SYNEX Logistics Oksana Antipa gave an interview for Breakbulk magazine - SYNEX Logistics

A well-known Breakbulk magazine interviewed Oksana Antipa about the current situation with logistics in Ukraine. In the third issue of 2024, Oksana shared her thoughts on her experience and demand for SYNEX Logistics services. The full version of the magazine is available in printed form to Breakbulk subscribers and will also be available to all participants of Breakbulk Europe, which will take place in Rotterdam from May 21-23. 


We publish excerpts from the Breakbulk magazine with quotes from Oksana.

Ukraine is a huge country and the war means there’s massive demand for a long list of materials. Buildings are being re-built, factories are still operating, agriculture continues, so there’s constant demand for raw materials.

“Life is going on, universities are working, children are going to school and people are trying to live a normal life. But the buses, trains and trams were ruined, so I get a lot of requests regarding this type of cargo, including brand new electric buses from China.”

In addition, Antipa says “huge volumes” of stainless steel rounds are being imported to Polish and Romanian ports, bound for Ukraine. Baltic Hub Container Terminal is a facility of choice for smaller shipments coming in on container vessels, while breakbulk ships usually call at Port Gdynia. Ukraine’s exports, on the other hand, also remain strong, according to Antipa. These include more routine items such as grain, timber, lumber, honey, sunflower oil, fruit, vegetables and finished steel products, but also cargoes unique to Ukraine. “For example, Ukraine manufactures very interesting Sherp utility task vehicles that can be driven on the mountains and go in the water – they are very unusual and are in demand in the USA, in Canada and worldwide.”

Antipa adds:

Nevertheless our primary task at the moment is imports, helping to get all the materials needed into Ukraine. We are working closely with our partner Dealex Transport in Ukraine, we support each other and have built a very good setup. Ukrainian freight forwarding companies are now asking for help, because we have the warehouses, special rates, special contracts for freight, and knowledge of the Romanian and Polish ports.

While Odessa port remains officially closed to maritime traffic, Antipa says a “special corridor for small breakbulk vessels” exists to facilitate the import of critical cargoes such as building materials and stainless steel. “After the war, enormous projects will naturally come – not only rebuilding of houses, but relocation of factories, electricity projects and there will be even greater demand for equipment.”


Source — Breakbulk magazine.

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