SYNEX LOGISTICS is not just another company in the vast logistics world. This is a service built on many years of experience of its parent company – Eclectic Talents Group.

Eclectic involves 11 companies representing an ecosystem of outsourcing – a powerful resource for almost any business.

Today, Eclectic Talents Group teams cover the key and supplementary processes for large international and local companies in 10 countries of the globe.

map with offices of eclectic talents group
The group’s profile involves such areas as:
  • staff outsourcing

  • call center outsourcing

  • outsourcing of construction and finishing works

  • outsourcing of business processes for the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market

  • investment fund management

  • outstaffing of IT specialists

  • staff records management outsourcing

  • outsourcing of cleaning and facility management

  • outsourcing services for the IT business

In 2022, SYNEX LOGISTICS, another outsourcing company owned by Eclectic entered the market of Ukraine, expanding further to the Czech Republic as well. It provides 3PL (Third Party Logistics) services.

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Outsourcing benefits

Oftentimes, non-core business processes can have low efficiency and drag a huge part of the company’s resources.

Let’s imagine there’s a food production company named “M” that independently covers logistics, warehouse management, packaging, product distribution, recruitment, staff records management, accounting and other processes. It spends much more resources than its competitor, a company named “N” that uses the services of specialized outsourcing providers. At the same time, the main goal of both companies is creating high-quality food products.

As a result, using the outsourcing benefits, “N” has lower expenditures and more resources available, which can be rechanneled to improving the product line or marketing development, focusing on increased sales and turnover.

The key idea of Eclectic Talents Group is to provide the customer with not just a specific solution to the task, but an opportunity to choose a whole range of services, allowing to:

a) optimize financial costs;

b) save time;

c) optimize labor resources;

d) get the best results with the outsourced tasks;

e) increase business profitability;

e) increase competitiveness.

SYNEX LOGISTICS: a synergy of expertise and experience

The first Eclectic-owned outsourcing companies entered the Ukrainian market in 2009. Over the 14 years, the group has accumulated significant experience in providing services to companies and gathered a strong team of specialists.

SYNEX LOGISTICS has adopted the best practices of processes outsourcing from Eclectic Talents Group and recruited the most qualified specialists in the logistics market. Thus, the company offers a modern approach and logistics services of the highest level: the team works quickly, provides flexibility, adapts to circumstances and tasks and constantly optimizes all processes to offer the best price and quality to the customer.

What’s the point of wasting time and energy on the routine logistics tasks if you can spend it on doing what you love? Join us for productive cooperation!

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